Cork City Quay Walls Repairs

Following extensive flooding which had caused collapse of sections of Cork's quay walls, JCL were appointed to carry out the vital and technically challenging repair works


Cork City Council


Arup Consulting Engineers


Cork City

Working in 5 different locations around the city, this much needed repair works contract lasted 9 months, and enabled key roads to be reopened and provided sustantial strengthening to the existing walls

Key Features

  • The repair works, including design and installation of substantial temporary works were carried out in tidal conditions
  • Substantial in river temporary works, and traffic and pedestrian management at road level
  • 560 seperate drilling locations, 120 No 50mm diameter and 440 No 70mm diameter - total drilling length of 4000m
  • 1300 Tonnes of sand/cement grout mixed and injection into the pre-drilled holes on site
  • Reconstruction of 30m of quay wall, involving 500m3 excavation in river and 300m3 of in-situ concrete in tidal conditions
  • 6002 of limestone wall construction, using reclaimed stone wherever possible, and traditional methods for repointing
  • Road and footpath reconstruction at Grenville Place, which suffered the most damage during the initial flooding
  • Substantial Health & Safety and Environmental oversight required due to major in river works, vast quantities of cement, working in river and at heights
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