Limerick City & County Council


Clifton Scannell Emerson & Associates


Limerick City

Significant high specification urban  realm  improvement  of Parnell  Street  to  Wickham Street environs in Limerick City

Key Features

The proposed Parnell & Wickham Street Urban Realm Improvement – Stage 2 involves urban realm improvement of the Parnell Street to Wickham Street, Co. Limerick for a distance of 650m including introduction of a cycle lane, new footpaths and street furniture along with the installation of new surface water and water main facilities.

The proposed works will comprise of the following:

  • Provision of new car parks at the Hyde Road Park.
  • Provision of new footpaths, kerbing, car parking, cycle lane, cycle track and surface overlay on Parnell Street.
  • Upgrade of existing traffic signal junctions at Parnell Street/Sexton Street junction.
  • Undergrounding of existing overhead ESB network.
  • Provision new public lighting.


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