Wicklow Train Derailment

JCL were requested by Iarnród Éireann to address a train derailment (following a landslide) at Wicklow Station - while there had been no injuries the line was blocked and the embankment which had collapsed was deemed unsafe


Iarnród Éireann, CIE Works, Inchicore, Dublin 8





JCL received a call at 6am on 16/11/2009 and were asked to mobile immediately to Wicklow Train Station to work with the Client, appoint a designer, and safely open the railway line again - JCL were on site at 7am

Key Features

  • An existing embankment, discovered to be primarily made up ground, had collapsed during heavy rain and had caused a landslide on top of the tracks immediately adjacent to Wicklow Train Station
  • An empty passenger train heading to Dublin collided with the landslide and was derailed
  • JCL Engineers assessed the situation and looked at the various options for moving the train back onto the track - this included substaintial liaison with landowners and third parties
  • Due to the difficult nature of the load - which has fixed lifting points, some of which were under the soil, JCL carried out a 3D Laser Scan of the train in order to design a lifting methodology which would safely lift the train back onto the tracks
  • Creating access down to the railway in order to move the train required 4 30T Excavators and Dump trucks - this had to be filled with 2000m3 of compacted stone to act as a crane access and platform
  • A 250T crane was mobilised and moved the train in accordance with the methodology envisaged through the 3D modelling of the derailment
  • The tracks were cleared using mini diggers and small plant to ensure the integrity of the line
  • The existing embankment and newly created access road and crane platform were filled and reconstructed in accordance to a design proposed by JCL's designers
  • The line was opened up initially under a speed restriction, once JCL were far enough removed from the line after 5 days works
  • The entire line was open fully and JCL had demobilised off site within two weeks
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